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Tarot Testimonial

"It has been nearly 24 hours since I received the gift of a tarot session. I am SO VERY glad I recorded the session, because I have re-played it 3 times. There is SO much information in there, so many nuances and practical suggestions for me to remember and integrate.


I have had many tarot reading before, by many different readers. I have never experienced such a powerful, gentle, loving, clarifying and complete experience like I did with Ashley.


I really appreciate how she took the time to make sure I was comfortable with everything, giving me the freedom to ask even the most basic of questions, such as why is there a crystal on the table, to what happens next. She provided such a beautiful, loving, safe space for me. Thank you! I am so, so, so, so very grateful for her and the timing of our session. Ashley is a blessing from the highest realms." – JF

Tarot Testimonial

"Profound Reading Filled with Grace: I recently had the privilege of receiving a Tarot reading from Ashley Phoenix, and the experience was truly transformative. Ashley's approach embodies a unique blend of profound insight, gentle guidance, and empowering wisdom.

During the reading, Ashley held a space of truth, accountability, and grace. Her ability to listen deeply and translate the cards' messages in a compassionate way was remarkable. I felt supported and understood throughout the session.

What stood out to me the most was Ashley's skill in guiding me towards a greater understanding of the messages without overwhelming me. She skillfully empowered me with insights that resonated deeply, while encouraging self-compassion and personal growth.

As I reflect on the experience, I realize that Ashley's gift lies in her ability to not only provide accurate readings but also to facilitate personal transformation. The guidance she offered has already been a blessing to my life, guiding me towards embracing my truth and taking empowered next steps.

I am immensely grateful for Ashley's intuitive guidance, compassionate presence, and the profound impact she's had on my journey. If you're seeking a Tarot reading that goes beyond the ordinary and leaves you feeling empowered, Ashley Phoenix is a true gem✨

Thank you, Ashley, for your incredible work and the positive change you bring to others' lives." – LC

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Tarot Testimonial

"Ashley is a rare gem and spiritual ally! Of course she is a clear channel for your highest good. But she also has the wisdom and insight to offer concrete, practical information that actually helps you live your best life. I feel like I know what the next steps are -- what needs to be acted upon, healed, witnessed, released. Ashley is the gift you give yourself." – EK

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